Snow Day Fun | Roswell, GA {Atlanta Photographer}

There sure is nothing better than a snow day. 

Like most of the people who saw the pending weather, I didn't take this "snowstorm" too seriously. I hoped we would get a few snowflakes but expected just that... a few. 

Well, I think we all know I was wrong. 

Now I know for many, this blizzard wasn't very much of a blessing... however for these two self-employed peeps, we spent the day sans traffic in the warmth of our own home.

On the bright side of a what to most was a gloomy day, I tried to make the most of our unexpected weather. The snow creates this unbelievable natural reflector that I just HAD to take advantage of; therefore, I took out my lunch date (Emily, my dear friend and mentor) for a few portraits at the first signs of snow.

Once Tony and I finished the work day, we suited up and headed out to adventure with two of our best friends and neighbors, the O'neills!

*My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who were on the road last night and today. I truly can't imagine how miserable it had to be!